Monday, April 28, 2014

Urban Decay Electric *swatches*

For Christmas, I received a $50 Sephora gift card which I seemed to want to keep forever. I FINALLY USED IT! When I saw Urban Decay announce the Electric palette, I have to admit... I was NOT impressed. Yes it was nice to see Urban Decay come out with something that wasn't Naked related with lots of fun bright colors but ever since Surgapill AND the Lunatick Cosmetics Alieneon palette, I really just wondered, "Why bother?" I have every color under the sun, in different shades, undertones, and finishes but since it was practically free I changed my tone to, "Why not?"

Let me just say I'm SO HAPPY I changed my tone. All of the colors are just beautiful and honestly, all the reviews/swatches I had previously seen had not done it justice. Let's start off with the bad which honestly, isn't much. My biggest complaint would have to be a couple of the colors feel out of place with the rest of the palette, like I can only do so much with them. Granted I don't mind being tacky and kind of crazy with my looks but even then, kind of seem like a stretch. Slowburn is pretty much what I'm talking about when I say this. Don't get me wrong, it's BEAUTIFUL and I love it so very much but when trying to do a single look using only that palette, it can get kind of tricky.

My second complaint would have to be recycling colors. Chaos was also in the Vice palette which I already own. Again, it's a beautiful color but I already own it. Not to mention it's not a color I use often since blues (darker blues especially) don't look great on me. I'm not sure if other colors were recycled but I don't have any of the other ones so I'm not complaining at all.

On to the good! Pretty much everything is more than great with this palette. I love the case! It's super cute, great/practical mirror, easy to open and the top stays where ever you place it which is really nice for me. I don't have to hold the mirror to keep it open, it just stays! Delightful. The brush that comes with the palette is also very nice and handles the colors very well. It's a double ended brush, one side very small and nice for the bottom lash line or inner corner of the eye and the other end a stiff yet soft eyeshadow brush. The eyeshadows... I don't even know where to begin! They're so vibrant, even without a base, easy to work with, and blend great!

I feel this is getting a bit long so on to the pictures! I'm hoping to do another post or two showing different looks using this palette so for now, just swatches. Hope you like them!

 Revolt is probably the most difficult color to work with in the palette. You really have to pack it on for it to show up if you use it dry. Even more so if you don't use a base (which I honestly wouldn't recommend anyone do if you want vibrant colors that last).

 Though I probably will rarely use this blue (because blues generally just plain don't look good on me) I still really like it. The picture isn't doing it justice, true turquoise, very easy to blend and not a lot of work for it to be vibrant yet it's more forgiving than Chaos is.

Slowburn is a red-orange with slight shimmer. I really like this color, A LOT but there is not a lot you can use it with in the palette which saddens me. I mean, I'm sure you could but I haven't come up with anything yet. It seems very out of place but other than that... It has great color pay off, a little goes a long way for me. I want to say it blends well, it has so far but I have not used this color very much to say anything for sure. Still one of my favorites.
Savage is a beautiful, bright, matte hot pink! Blends like a dream and just like most of the colors in this palette, it doesn't take much for these bold colors to stand out! I don't know what else to say since I'm a sucker for bright pinks!
 Fringe is a metallic teal that I'm just in love with. It applies a bit darker than I expected it to but even then, this is easily one of my favorites in this palette.
 Chaos is a very bold royal blue, why is looks purple in this picture is a mystery. I probably shouldn't even show this picture because it is a lie... Chaos is a very pretty color, an apparently fairly popular since I've seen TONS of looks of people using it but it's not for me. It's a bit difficult to blend out and can easily be too overpowering. Very tricky color.
 I... love.. Jilted! This is a metallic fuchsia with blue shimmer. It's like Sugarpill's Magentric and Smitten had a baby! A very fun color and also looks very pretty if you apply a little bit on top of lip gloss! I can see me using this a lot in the future, not to mention this color works best with most of the colors in the palette.
 Urban! This bright metallic purple is the QUEEN of metallic purples. Like Jilted, it works well with most of the colors in this palette and it really is such a true purple!
 Freak is practically a dupe for Sugarpill's Absinthe! This is a bright lime green with gold shimmer. For me, this was the easier color to use in this palette, not so much for color pay off (which it has) but for has easily it can be blended. There's practically no work with this color and I love that.
 I don't know why but Thrash IS my favorite color in this palette. Maybe it's because I have no other color like it that isn't chalky and difficult. I want to say this is a lime green but it doesn't seem like a correct description. A VERY yellow based lime maybe but it's just wonderful. Not chalky, blends great, and doesn't need to be packed on for the color to pop. Such a lovely color.

Now for the swatches! These first two were applied WITHOUT a base! How amazing is this!? Granted I did use my finger rather than just a brush... Is that cheating? I don't care, look how awesome!

And now with a base, it's practically the same! Savage and Revolt are a bit brighter but still... This is very impressive to me.

There you have it! Completely unedited for your enjoyment! Though, I maybe should have messed with the colors a little. It's very close to how they look in real life but I blame my lighting for being less than stellar. I hope this was helpful though and I really do want to do a couple posts for looks using this palette, what do you think? Yay? Nay?

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