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***UPDATED*** Sugarpill Elektrocute Review [Pics/Swatches]

Review time!!!

*** NOTE: This review does not include Love Buzz at this time. It was "Out of Stock" when I purchased these but it currently in back in stock, I ordered mine already so when that gets here I will update this review to include it.***
Let me start off by saying this, "I purchased these with my own money. I am only influenced by my experience with said purchased product." Now with that being said, let us start the review, shall we?

Wearing Sugarpills Supercharged, Hi-Viz, Dollipop, Sparkage, Hellatronic, and Fantastic Faces Baybee

The "Meh"
I do hate to say it, I was slightly disappointed when I tried out these new shadows. Since Sugarpill has pretty much knocked it out of the park with their BRIGHT, intense, opaque shadows, I was hoping they would do the same with neons!

Though they are all very very pretty, a few (which I will get into more detail later) are basically just like any other neon in the sense that they can be chalky, difficult to apply/blend, and last a very short time compared to their long lasting and vibrant counter parts. An example of a shorter time would be... When you open the container, you will be smacked in the face with glitter/sparkle/shine/ect. After you apply it and maybe an hour or two within your day, it's practically matte (at least that is what has happened to me). You will also kick yourself if you accidentally rub your eye, WEAR A BASE!!!

I want to say I was surprised but really, I'm not. Neon shadows seem to be SO HARD to achieve perfection and I know nothing of making makeup so I really don't want to complain.

NOW! On to my PRAISE!
If you love a shadow that (yes, with a little work) can be so "POW!" in your face with brightness AND glitter... Look no more! I do warn that the fallout can be fairly extensive if you aren't careful, though even then you can still turn into a disco ball but man is it worth it!

These shadows NEED A BASE! Be it an eyeshadow primer like Too Faced Shadow Insurance or something along the lines of a NYX Jumbo Pencil. With a base, a careful hand, and maybe even an eyeshadow brush that is on the stiffer side, you can make these colors really reach their potential! I've worn these the past 2 days and I used an eye primer and a jumbo pencil, and though the glitter does seem to dissipate after some time, the intensity does not.

Sugarpill Elektrocute Neon Shadows:
All available here!

***Apologizing now for poor lighting and picture quality***

 (Without a base)

 (With NYX Jumbo Pencil-Milk)

This color is one of my favorites from the collection! Even though I am not a fan of "blues, this indigo shade has the prettiest sparkles in the entire collection! They vary from purple/red/pink/blue, depending on how the light hits it. It is long lasting and in short just a beautiful color in general.

 Left: Dry, no base

Center: Dry, with base (NYX Jumbo Pencil-Milk)

Right: Wet, no base

I can not express how HAPPY I was that Sugarpill came out with a YELLOW loose shadow. This is a BRIGHT yellow with a light green and golden sparkle. Though it is a gorgeous color, it is the toughest in the collection to work with (for me). My advice would be to PAT the color on, you really can't go wrong. If not, it can be chalky and sheer.

Left: Dry, no base

Center: Dry, with base (NYX Milk)

Right: Wet, no base

Similar to "Hellatronic", this color has swayed me towards wearing more greens! This is a vibrant green with a yellow and blue sparkle. This green is basically the middle hue when next to "Tipsy" and "Absinthe". Tipsy has more blue undertones, Absinthe is lighter with yellow undertones as where Sparkage feels more like a TRUE green. This is not a difficult color to work with and from my experience, retains a good portion of its sparkle through its entire wear time. A great color!

Left: Dry, no base

Center: Dry, with base

Right: Wet, no base

Here is "Sparkage" next to "Tipsy". Sparkage is to the left, Tipsy on the right. Again, not so great lighting at the moment but in person the difference is MUCH more obvious.

Remember how I said Hellatronic is ONE of my favorites? This one takes the cake, number one, absolute FAVORITE from this collection! This is a GORGEOUS orange, with gold/green/possibly blue sparkles. 
This color is in the same category with Hi-Viz. If you aren't careful, it too can come out chalky, sheer, and not so vibrant.

Though this is suppose to be a neon, and if you pack it on right CAN be very BRIGHT and out there... This color to me is the easiest to tone down for those who would maybe want a more subtle look. By subtle I do not mean work/school, but maybe to a friends more casual party? It has just the right amount of "OOMPH" to make you the talk of the rave but also the potential to be the talk of the evening dinner out with friends without being too over the top. 

Left: Dry, no base

Center: Dry, with base

Right: Wet, no base


[More coming soon!]

In conclusion!
Would I recommend these colors? Absolutely!!! These are fun, bright, sparkly neon colors. Even though they do share some of the same problems as other neon eyeshadows (i.e.-chalky, difficult to work with), I have NEVER tried a neon eyeshadow quite like these! They are unique to me and really quite the attention grabber! Yes, I went out wearing them (ALL OF THEM... like, at ONE TIME). Yes, people stared. Yes, people probably thought I was crazy BUT! I did get so many compliments wearing them :D

Always remember, this is my personal opinion. I am much happier in bright colors so for me, these are perfect. They take a little more work when applying but the end result for me, is perfection. I highly recommend them to those of you who love wearing bright fun colors and don't care to follow the "norm". You won't be disappointed (at least I hope not :X)!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I wish you all a wonderful week!


P.S.- LOVE YOU! I hope this review was informative, helpful, and that you enjoyed it.

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  1. Very good information! I am amazed at the similarities between Sparkage and Tipsy! They look so great, I think my favorite(pictured)is Hellatronic :D