Friday, August 9, 2013


[Borrowed from the Sugarpill Website]

Hey everyone! Long time no see :( Really sorry about that...

BUT!!! Let us be happy that now Sugarpill has released the beautiful Elektrocute shadows!!! They were released not that long ago (few days, maybe a week) and I just got mine yesterday!

I filmed a tutorial today using them but go figure, my camera didn't record SO! Sunday I am going to film again and hopefully I will have better luck. Regardless if it works or not, I am going to be posting swatches and a review on Sunday. PROMISE! Pinky swear <3 p="">

Just so you know though, and I know I'm late with giving you guys a heads up and I'm really sorry about that BUT if any of you were interested in getting FREE Sugarpill goodies... I am having a Facebook contest [go HERE for the details!!!] In short, the winners will get to pick anything they want from the Sugarpill Website! All you have to do is "Like" my fan page, and e-mail me [] your makeup look. The makeup can be ANYTHING you want, as long as glitter is some how incorporated in the look. That's it! Contest ends August 12, 2013. I hope this is enough time for a heads up for anyone interested but I will be having another contest sometime in the near future.

That's everything! I know I've been MIA and I keep saying I'm coming back and then I vanish again :/ I really am very sorry about that and I hope you all can forgive me. I really REALLY want to be more active and have more looks/tutorials/reviews/ect to share with all of you. I will do my very best.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!!

Missed you,

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