Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eyebrows and Requested Looks!

I crappy old camera is back in action!!!

So I filmed 3 tutorials:
My most requested!!! How I do my eyebrows
And 2 or 3 requested looks from bluetigressmoon@youtube
Hello Kitty and Ruby Gloom
Tomorrow I'm going to film the 3rd look she requested: Melody Bunny!!!

So right now I'm currently in the process of editing all of them, the eyebrows is basically done but... I just can't figure out what song to put with it!!! Any ideas?! I just don't want to post a video with a song that I can't use and they mute it :( So if you know of any or there's a song you'd like me to feature, LET ME KNOW!!! :D

Also!!! My birthday was yesterday (Oct. 16th) I'm now 22 -_-' But I had a great day and I want to wish all the October babes a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Happy Halloween!!!

Any looks you want to see? Let me know, I've been dying to do some new looks ^_^

So, what are you guys going to be for Halloween? Doing anything fun? Parties? Or are you like me who just sits at home with friends and watches movies, Ghost Hunters, and eats candy while dressed up all crazy like? I'm not sure if that counts as a party >_>


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