Sunday, September 5, 2010


Ok, so I "tried" to do picture tutorials. I didn't like any of them, it's just not the same!

My boyfriend bought me a new camera at K Mart for $80 haha I was surprised!! He said he knew how much I missed doing tutorials so he got it to make me happy. It worked! So we all thank boyfriend now!

So if the quality isn't the best, well... You know why. ($80 at K Mart).. It's a Vivitar 910HD camera soooo...

Anyway! I'm so happy and I can't wait to get started so this coming Saturday!! Be prepared for a possibly crappy quality makeup tutorial featuring my freakishly young "Jennifer Tilly" voice!

I've missed you guys!

EDIT: P.S.-Dyed my hair :X


  1. I luv ur work...i cant wait to see more!!!

  2. Your hair looks gorg! Can't wait to see the tutorial :) xo

  3. @Everyone Thanks :) I feel terrible, that crappy camera broke and we had to return it >_< Back to figuring out making picture tutorials until my Birthday (Oct. 16) haha