Monday, October 25, 2010

Pictures :D

Tutorials still not finished :( I'm sorry... But I'm really hoping to have it all done and figured out really soon! So I thought to have atleast SOMETHING here for you guys, here's a few pictures from my next 2 tutorials :D
Requested looks from Bluetigressmoon
Hello Kitty:

Ruby Gloom:


  1. Btw my name on here is Firewater_Tigerlily..It's bluetigressemoon from you tube..anywhose..I saw the pics ..and they look wicked! I Love Them! Thank-You So Much! I can't wait to see the videos for them! Awesome Job Girlie! *Hugs* L8R Homeskillet! =D

  2. Wow, that looks awesome! Can't wait to see the videos. I've tried my hand at the rainbow eyes, didn't turn out very well but it looked nice anyway. Thanks for that too. ^^

    Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. Gosh, your Ruby Gloom look looks fantastic! Can't wait for the tutorial video! :D

  4. Why do you not post anymore? I want more goth makeup!

  5. I love the Hello Kitty one!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR IT!!!! *^___^*

  6. Tigerlily..It's bluetigressemoon from you still doing my requests?

  7. Your eyes are beyond HOTTT here girl!!! I am in love with the look you created

    .I am your newest follower..Check me out if you have a chance and follow me if you like what u see..Hope 2 talk to u soon..