Friday, November 13, 2009

My Midnight Sunset

So I'm very unhappy with the pictures from my video response to the Midnight Sunset tutorial BUT I did get mentioned in xSparkage's tutorial after that one so yay :) That made me smile, I'm happy everyone was so pleased with it even though the pictures did the look NO justice what so ever. I did the look again and tried my best to get decent pictures, no such luck really but these are better than the ones from the video I think so here's the pictures and what I used to create this look!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
A piece of tape (for that sharp edge)
Kyolan Aqua Color (White)
MAC Cream (Black)
MAC Cinderfella
MAC Yogurt
MAC Romping
Sebastian Trucco Angel Face Pallet (The middle red/pink duo chrome)
Gel Liner (True Black)
MAC Nightsky Softsparkle Eye Pencil
MAC Plushlash Mascara
*Also, used the lightest tan in the Coastal Scents blush and contour pallet as a brow highlight.

I just based the eyes from the picture, I found it rather pointless to post pictures of the rest of my face so there's not much really going on.

I hope you all like it! Black Friday is coming so I'm hoping to get a nice camera for tutorials so keep an eye out for that on my twitter and my youtube channel!!!

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