Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lime Crime Alchemy Teaser!

EVERYONE! I need your assistance, please and thank you :D

As you can see, Lime Crime is coming out with a new palette! The Alchemy Collection that will be available October 13, 2012. I present to you, the teaser! It's so cruel, looking you right in the face and you can't even tell what it is! Undoubtedly, they will be amazing and beautiful colors I'm sure but I'm so impatient!

So, here is what we need to do, 1313 people need to share this link: via Facebook **Just copy and past the link in your status and encourage your friends to do the same :D** before Midnight, September 23, 2012.

Also, be sure to visit Lime Crime's Facebook for all updates, pictures, and more (especially to keep up to date with the Alchemy Collection, trust me you don't want to miss out!!!)

(and have a great weekend by the way ^_^)

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