Friday, May 18, 2012

Upcoming Tutorials!

So I'm in the process of editing 2 tutorials (which is driving me crazy and I'm possibly going to try a new movie editor)

But!! Here's a glimpse of what's to come, I really hope you all enjoy it and I am still open so any suggestions you may have!

First up! Spring is here with Sugarpill!
 I really really love this look and I've been wearing it rather frequently these past warmer days and it's very easy to tone down!

Next up! Using my friend Adrienne Giovenello's collection Lipstick & Fishnets by MyBeautyAddiction (You get 3 mineral eye shadows and a lipstick for just $16.00USD! How awesome is that?! Review coming soon!)
I did 2 versions of this look, this blended one and then a... not so blended look which is easy to achieve doing the exact same steps (except the... well, blending) and it gives it a more dramatic, bold, unique look!

So, what does everyone think? Good job or bleh? I plan on doing more and I want to do more than just smokey and cut creases (though I do love cut creases oh so much!!) Going to try and mix it up a bit to keep things entertaining. I really hope you all enjoy this, for I did work very hard for all of you!

Two posts in one day, that's good right?! <3

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