Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Tutorials Coming!!!

I'm so ashamed of myself :( I feel soo bad that I've been so neglectful to my blog and youtube tutorials. But NO MORE!!! I graduated Feb. 7th ^_^ So now I just have to do a few things for the state to get my license and then I will be all set with my career!!

Do you know what that means?! NO MORE PROCRASTINATING!!! :D On March 5th, there WILL BE a brand new tutorial up for you all to enjoy and make fun of my voice! Aren't you so excited?! I am! I've missed doing them so very much and I'm more than grateful for all of you who have stayed by my side even though I've been a lazy lazy blogger. Thank you guys sooo much! Means the world to me and more. To celebrate, let's have a contest yes?

Any ideas for said contest? What would some fun prizes be??

*FYI-As well as a brand new tutorial, there should be the other ones as well so next Saturday there should be... 3 new tutorials?? Give or take! So, a random new one, Hello Kitty, and Ruby Gloom :D Maybe an eyebrow tutorial too since I get a lot of questions about that :)

Have a great week everyone, I hope you enjoy what I will come up with!!! <3


  1. Yay!! I'm so excited you are coming back! I wrote a blog about one of your videos the other day because I missed your tutorials! (Wow...was that creepy or what?? lol It wasn't intended!)

    Congrats on graduating!!

  2. @Concertina- I saw! It looks awesome, I'm so glad you did it. Very happy I could inspire you ^_^

    @MakeupAriel- Not too sure what's up with my voice haha I don't care much for it but others either love it or hate it :X Thank you for enjoying it though! :D

    @RetroUrbanRainbow- Glad to hear that! :D