Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mini Tutorial: Eyebrows!

My most requested look yet, my eyebrows! I've been drawing on my eyebrows since I was about 13 years old so I've had a lot of "failures" and practice. This I find to be the easiest and most flattering, especially for those like me who love doing more dramatic looks, who want the focus on the eyes (or whichever part you're doing more on the dramatic side *cheeks/lips/ect*) and not your eyebrows. I keep a little bit of hair still as a guide line but also to help them look more natural when I need them to be. Some people don't even notice that my eyebrows are fake when I do this! So I hope you enjoy this little mini tutorial!

Products used:
Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette
Beautique Eyeliner (Brown #714001)