Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I'm Loving!!! January 2010

So since I recently bleached and dyed my hair, I was very worried about my hair getting fried :(

But luckily, I found some products that didn't kill my hair so I love them. Also got some new makeup and whatnot so I'm loving those too!

This is what I used to bleach my hair. I used a 20 Volume instead of 30 because I was scared of killing my hair (like I already said... It's something I worry about alot :X) It worked fine! Missed a couple spots and have to rebleach 3 days later and my hair was still silky after my shower (I used ANOTHER product to help with that too which I'll mention in a second)
Salon Care Prism Lites smells AMAZING! It doesn't have that horrible strong bleach smell! It's kind of like... Blueberrys? It's just nice to not have to deal with a stinky head! I got bother of these from Sally's Beauty Supply!

Nexxus Humectress is a life saver!!! Every time I use this, my hair feels AMAZINGLY silky and is so nice and shiney which is saying something since my hair should be making a haystack look soft by now. This bottle is HUGE too, it was $30 at Rite Aid BUT they also have a smaller bottle for cheaper...Not sure how much cheaper.... But cheaper none the less! I honestly know I'll never use another conditioner (unless a much better one comes out that is ;) )

High Voltage Cosmetics... Ahhh!!! These colors are soooooo fricken pretty. There are SO MANY different colors, very pigmented, LONG LASTING! I love these so very much, and Jasmine is so nice and easy to talk to. Shipping is quick and reliable! I love this company! End of story.

These are my 3 favorite shadows from High Voltage Cosmetics, "I'm With The Band" just blew me away. It is such a great bright pink!  The picture does it no justice but it was the best I could do.

I love these, you can't tell in the picture but they're blond/light brown! I don't have any other lashes like these so they're very fun to play with. Sadly, MAC discontinued them :(

And lastly, Girlish Romp by MAC which they also discontinued :( MAC, stop doing that! I didn't even buy a backup so now I'm hesitant to even play around with it. Boo! They're such great colors, so pretty and... well.. Girly! I hope to make a tutorial with it very soon!

And that's it! I know it's not much, sorry about that. BUT... This Saturday (Feb.6th) I'll have a new tutorial up using High Voltage Cosmetics so yeah! Be prepared for awesome ;)

Have a great week everyone!
I leave you with a random photo!

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