Friday, November 27, 2009

What I'm Loving!!! November 2009

So I just finished another tutorial, uploading it now (feels like it is taking FOREVER) and I thought it would be fun just to share the things I'm really enjoying this month.

So my most favorite thing is something I bought when I was feeling really down. Interp. of Lit. and Poetry project was driving me insane and I felt it would never get done so I bought this to lift my spirits. It worked!

I love love love this journal. I've been looking to get a new one for awhile, but this is just amazing. It's beautiful and I'm just so very happy I got it.
I bought it from Barnes and Noble

Next I've had for awhile but I haven't used it very much until I got the journal. The both just seem to go hand in hand (well, for what I use it for anyway)

This is a Polaroid Pogo and it's just amazing. You can print a picture anytime, anywhere, from anything! I have it connected to my cellphone via bluetooth so whatever I take a picture of or have on my phone, I just print it out wirelessly. It's also a major plus that the picture paper has a stick back (no hassling with tape or glue) so it's easy to put pictures into new awesome journal.

Polaroid PoGo Printer

Next is my geeky side, Modern Warfare 2.

I was so very excited when this came out, got it the day it came out (was going to go to the midnight release but I fell asleep!!!) and I just love playing it. It is a really great game, campaign AND online play so yeah. If you're a gamer and you don't have it, YOU'RE MISSING OUT! ;)
 Like all the games I get, I got mine at Game Stop-Modern Warfare 2

Next is MAC's Baby Goth Girl Nail Polish!

Don't get me wrong, I do love MAC but I honestly rarely buy MAC products unless a collection I really like comes out and I love the Style Black Collection. I got basically everything EXCEPT Young Punk Mineralized Shadow which is very sad :( I love everything about the collection though and Baby Goth Girl is just such a great color, though sadly it does tend to chip after only a few days but that doesn't bother me really, I just love it so much.

It is also sold out but you can get it here! MAC Baby Goth Girl

Calypso Minerals Matte Rainbow Stack

I love this, Calypso Minerals shadows just have such a great color payoff and so many colors for a great price! I really love this and I'm not sure what else to say about it! How about some swatches?

Aren't they just so pretty!? The last 3 colors are Champagne Bubbles, Karma, and New Moon. They were the free samples that came with my order, SO PRETTY!!!
Calypso Minerals Matte Rainbow Stacker

Next is something I just got today... Lady Gaga's new Album! The Fame Monster

I was very excited to hear her new album, especially after listening/seeing Bad Romance and it did NOT disappoint. I know not everyone loves Lady Gaga like I do, but I really think it is worth a listen. She's just so unique and in your face whether you like it or not and I love people with that type of mentality. Love them or hate them, they're here regardless. I really hope she's around for many more years to come.

Lastly is my favorite look I've been doing which is the one I made a tutorial for today, the dramatic neutral colored eyes.

It is a fun look and easy to tone down if you don't share my love for the POW! In your face kind of looks.
Next post will have a list of everything I used, where to get it, and the actual video itself. I hope you all enjoy it!!!

So that's basically my loves for this month, if anything else pop's up, I'll let you know ;) I hope you all had a very good Thanksgiving and have a great weekend!!! I'll end this with a random silly picture:

FYI-It's not a pompador, I was keeping my bangs out of my face while doing my makeup haha (and I'm doing my roots soon too so sorry for the eye sore :X)

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