Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey Everyone!!! FAQ!

So, I've had so many people ask me time and time again, the exact same things so I thought it would be appropriate to make this first entry the answers to so many of your questions.

Onward we go!

1.)How old are you really?
-I just turned 21!! Seriously, no lie. 10/16/88

2.)Are you really a girl?
-Yes? I wouldn't of bothered with this but I've been asked more than once so yeah it's embarassing but hopefully we can stop that there. I'm female, always have been, pretty sure I always will be!

3.)Are you goth/satanist/emo/evil?
-Nope/No/Nuh uh/Maybe >:3 Label me what you want I guess, people who actually know me know better than that haha I think I'm just eccentric :)

4.)What makeup do you use?
-A whole wide variety! There's some Kyolan, MAC, Beauty From The Earth, Urban Decay, Mehron, Coastal Scents, Calypso Minerals, Lime Crime, Bitchslap, ect. There's a whole bunch that I use, I love finding knew companies and products.

5.)Will you do a makeup tutorial?
-Normally I would say no... I'm surprised how many people want to see how I do my makeup so I'm done alot of debating and procrastinating but I think I'm going to start. I mean, there's so many makeup guru's on youtube, alot of them are just simply amazing so I wasn't going to. But it's been a never ending request from tons of people on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube... I may just start!

6.)What's your favorite music?
-I don't have a specific favorite. I love all different kinds of music, it all depends on my mood. Different music will make me happy when I'm really down, get me pumped up, help me have a good time, ect. Just depends on the time and place and mood :)

7.)What's your favorite video game?
-There's too many! I'm such a geek... I love survival horrors the best (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, ect) I also like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Vegas, Gears of War, Final Fantasy, Aion, Katamari, Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock, Fallout, Diablo... There's just so many haha

8.)What consoles do you have?
-Oh man... There's NES, SNES, PSP, NDSi, PS3, PS3, PSOne, XBOX, XBO 360, ummm... I think that's it... My PC too I guess could count as one since I like PC Games too (WoW, Aion, Diablo)

9.)What do you do for fun/hobbies?
-VIDEO GAMES!!! I'm not lying when I say I love video games haha I love going to shows/raves. Playing with makeup. Painting, reading, doodles, tattoos, making hair, listening to music, having random adventures. I have very simple pleasures.

Now my most asked question!!!

10.)What's up? What's good?
-Nothing much is ever up haha. And "what's good?" I NEVER KNOW HOW TO ANSWER THAT!!!

So there's just some random questions I get asked alot. There's more I should probably add but this is already getting too long so now you've gotten to know me a little better and some of you have gotten your questions answered.

Hope everyone is well and have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Was just watching your youtube tutorials, you are SUPER talented!! Thanks for sharing your skills!