Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sparkle Baby Review/Swatches

Finally! Sugarpill's Sparkle Baby palette!

It's finally here! Well, it's been here for a couple weeks now but I must say it was well worth the wait. I don't even know where to begin! Let's just start with the packaging, shall we?

No expenses spared on the cuteness factor. It's ridiculously adorable, just like all of Sugarpill's packaging. The palette is a sturdy, well made, magnetic cardboard which makes it easy to open and close. If you have the Cold Chemistry palette, it's the exact same thing except I feel the mirror on this is a lot more practical. Example!

Took a really quick picture with my phone = crap quality, sorry!

I've used the palette quite a few times, filmed a tutorial with it too and I have no complaints. My only issue is my lighting and camera, I'm STILL trying to figure it out but no matter what I do, it's hard to show off the colors in pictures for me. No idea but that's a rant for another day. Here are how the colors look, close up in the palette.

Kitten Parade was the whole reason I needed this palette. It's a beautiful shimmer peach with a golden sheen/sparkle. It applies so smooth and blends flawlessly. It is the most everyday wearable color that Sugarpill has launched (though I have no issue walking outside looking like a rainbow, some have issues with it unless the occasion calls for it) and I really suggest if you were to get just one color from this palette, it be this one.

Frostine actually surprised me. I bought this palette already liking all the colors in it just from pictures but specifically for Kitten Parade. Frostine though, it is such a wonderful frosty lavender with a slight pink sheen to it. Though a little powdery, it applies smooth and blends easily. I already liked the color but I'm just surprised by how much I do. It is the color I've worn the most from this palette so far. So, I say to you pastel lavender lovers, this is definitely the shade for you!
Candy Crush is ridiculous, seriously. This color is SO FROSTY and beautiful, I can't stand it. It is a minty light blue shade with a pearl finish, so much shimmer. I mean, if you hate frost/shimmer then this is NOT for you but for those of you who enjoy it, this color blends perfectly and applies very smooth. It is an easy color to work with considering how easy it is to build the color up for vibrancy or to blend it out for a nice sheer high light. A very fun color indeed.

Hotsy Totsy is the second reason I got this palette and honestly, probably my 4th favorite now. Though I do love the color and I have almost no complaints, I just keep playing with the others more. It is a darker, cool toned magenta with pink sparkles and a purple sheen. My complaint is that it is fairly powdery and dry so a good base for vibrancy is a must. I didn't have difficulties blending the color out but maintaining the brightness was a little more work than the others. I still really like it and would recommend fans of pinks/magentas to give it a try.

On to the part that gave me the most issues, swatches. I really need to figure out how to use this camera because this was just tedious, the colors came out too dark and muddy looking or too light and washed out so here is my best efforts!

I applied these on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer, with my finger. Sadly this was the best I could do, this pictures shows the colors best, plus the sheen for Hotsy Totsy (which was SO HARD, no idea why)

I also used all of these colors, as well as most of the colors from the Cold Chemistry palette in my latest tutorial ( viewable HERE )

There we have it! I would highly recommend this palette. All of the colors are fairly easy to work with, are beautiful, and just so very typical Sugarpill! I do not think you will be disappointed and like I said, VERY much worth the wait. The price ($34.00), packaging, amount of product, and the product itself all seem well worth it, give it a try if you think so too!

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