Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Makeupless Update :(

I've gotten quite a few messages on youtube asking why I haven't uploaded and new tutorials or anything... Debating if I should make a little video explaining it but I just have no been in a "make a video" mood haha.

So I'm still in Tahlequah, OK but July 6th I'm driving back to Buffalo, NY and staying with some friends until August. By then I'll either decide to stay in Buffalo or drive down to Austin, TX haha This has been a crazy and busy summer for me! I really wish I could've had more videos for you all but sadly, the internet connection out here is practically non existant :/ Plus I've been so busy with job/apartment hunting, I've had no time at all (HENSE I'm going back to Buffalo since there's a job and apartment waiting for me haha)

Oh and yay to my love Dave for getting his license yesterday!!! It only took him FOREVER!!! (He's 22 -_-') haha Had to mention that, was so proud!

Anyway, so hopefully when I get back to Buffalo and get settled in I will start the videos!!! Maybe I'll  make one today... Hmm, we'll see! I need more practice, getting rusty :X

Hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoy the 4th of July!!!! <3

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