Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I'm Loving!!! December 2009 Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had an amazing day, I really do. I had such a wonderful Christmas and I hope the same for all of you!

So since Christmas passed, I figured my favorites would be all the things I've gotten so I'd like to share them with you :)

What's Christmas with a new pair of sock!? Seriously!!!

The SOFTEST Hello Kitty throw blanket <3
(and the kitten Alice sniffing it >_>)

Snow Fairy Shower Gel from LUSH!

Cowboy Bebop Complete Series Box Set!

Hello Kitty shirt!

ANOTHER Hello Kitty shirt!

A Wii!!!!!!

Silent Hill Shattered Memories! I've wanted this game the second I heard about the production and was so devastated that it was only coming out on the Wii! (I only have an XBOX 360 and PS3... Until NOW that is!!!)

And lastly...

A CANON REBEL XS!!!! LOVE!!! I've been wanting a Canon Rebel since.. About 7th grade haha Every year for every birthday and Christmas I'd ask for it and would never get it! This year for Christmas, I asked for clothes AND I GOT THIS! Obviously I was approaching it the wrong way since the year I didn't ask for it, I got it haha. Amazing!

That's it! Granted all these gifts were quite the surprise (I was too busy getting things for everyone, I didn't think about what I'd be getting) so I'm very very happy. Had a delicious dinner with my family Christmas Eve. Got to see the look on my brothers Face when he opened my gift and it was an XBOX 360 haha (We're all a bunch a geeks if you haven't noticed)

So yes, I hope you all had a magical and loving holiday! New tutorial should be up... soon >_

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